Secrets of life and marriage – 98 year old Eula Riddle had the answer

1912552_10152730971692953_448018332904515040_nI was working remotely earlier this week at Sloopy’s Diner ( one of my many local wireless refuge ) when I heard a man in a white t-shirt and a tight hair cut talking loud for no reason at all. In fact, he was talking and coughing louder than anyone on the block. Apparently, he was mowing lawns and hanging out in the air-conditioning on a hot summer day.

Occasionally, he’d blurt out some random statement about the weather or the price of hot dogs, but when he said he was turning 59 next week – Eula proudly spoke up and said, “I’m 98!”

Well that caught my attention. I stopped by Skype chat and turned to the little lady in the corner and asked, “What did you say?”

She said, “I’m 98 years old.” Continue reading